BINGO with Budds last night

Trivia With Budds 7pm Every Night!

This Sunday, BINGO with Budds’ Last Night at Highpoint Brewing Company

SUNDAY APRIL 11th! Ryan Budds is performing his last bingo before he moves out of California! The festivities start at 5pm. We’ll be giving away a lot of prizes and will have a raffle at the end of the night! Don’t miss out!

Bingo Night

  • Great individual fun, or team-based
  • Cards and Daubbers (Dabbers, Ink Markers, Dobbers) provided
  • Follow the rules to win each game in a different way (patterns, shapes, etc) and win with numbered games, music games, and movie or character-based games
  • Collect your prizes (shirts, drink tickets, appetizers, and more)
  • Tips:  Make sure to listen to every number called so you don’t miss any
  • At some locations, earn bonus cards for specific challenges
  • Usually all ages, the more the merrier!
  • Bingo nights are perfect for:  breweries, house parties, churches, family parties, Vegas nights, fundraisers, kid parties, elderly events, outdoor picnics, and much more
Ryan Budds Bio Pic Trivia With Budds
Ryan Budds – Trivia With Budds everyday at 7 pm


Ryan Budds is a comedian, trivia host, TV producer, and actor who has hosted over 1,800 trivia nights and comedy shows in LA and Chicago since 2006. Before starting his hosting biz, Budds worked as a segment producer for Super Jacket Productions and Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness on MTV and also appeared in the first Sharknado movie. He’s also appeared in other crazy movies like Airplane VS. Volcano, Jurassic Planet, and Snake Outta Compton, just to name a few more of the most ridiculous titles. On TV, he’s been on Beverly Hills Pawn, How I Met Your Mother, and FOX’s Laughs.

Trivia Nights

  • Form a team of up to 6 players
  • Answer 54 questions over 5 rounds all with different themes and topics
  • No cell phones, no yelling out answers
  • The top three teams win prizes like gift cards, comic books, movie posters, games, toys, and more!
  • Tips:  have a variety of ages on your team to cover more topics, play BONUS rounds throughout the night for bonus points, and use your DOUBLE UP ability to increase your score on a single round
  • Trivia nights are perfect for:  bars, breweries, restaurants, fundraisers, cocktail hours, corporate luncheons, birthday parties, anniversaries, and much more

Gameshow Recreations

  • Relive all the fun of game shows like Jeopardy, Family Feud, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, The Match Game, The Newlywed Game, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!
  • Budds can match the look and style of hit game shows with buzzers, displays and even smartphone buzz in style games
  • Game Show Recreations are perfect for:  company retreats, team building, summer camps, schools and colleges, family reunions, weekend getaways, and much more

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Trivia With Budds 7pm Every Night!
Trivia With Budds