Drunk As A Monk

Beer Flavored Beer. Hand Crafted! Drunk As A Monk Highpoint Brewing co. makes a delicious Craft Ale brew. “Drunk As A Monk” is a tasty but mature red Ale. This unique and refined beer is our “Beer Candy” (Belgian Strong Ale) that we aged in a red wine barrel for one year; special THANKS to Barrel 33 in Big bear … Read More

Uncle’s Red

Uncles Red Ale Craft Beer 4 Pack Highpoint Brewing Co.

Beer Flavored Beer. Hand Crafted. Uncle’s Red Is BACK! Uncle’s Red Ale Highpoint Brewing co. makes a delicious Craft Ale Beer. “Uncle’s Red” is a confident red Ale. It is a perfect mix of hoppy and toasty flavors. This combination creates a rich and well-refined beer. Brewed by hand and quality controlled by the public. Highpoint Brewing Co. makes a … Read More

Craft Beer Coming Soon

1. Two Fine Blondes “Two Fine Blondes” is a perfect mix of seasonal and stylish hopps. This combination creates a light and refreshing beer with hints of elegance. 3. Cabo San Dimas Cabo San Dimas (Mexican Lager) goes fast! It is a delicious as a Michelada too! Not bitter or too hoppy, just light and refreshing. 4. Bad Kitty TIPA Bad … Read More