Beer for a friend

Beer for a friend

Wondering about our “Beer for a friend” board? Many of you have been to our microbrewery. Some of you may not have made it yet. We love knowing Highpoint Brewing Company is a gathering place for friends and family to enjoy craft beer in San Dimas. Use your opportunity at the brewery to pay it forward on our “Beer for … Read More

The Upside-Down Label


Highpoint Brewing Company’s Upside-Down Label If you’re every parting with your friends and you come across a Highpoint Brewing Co. upside-down label, you’re in luck! It is no mistake, you just found your way to a 32oz Crowler for $.01 – a penny! Follow us on social media to stay in the know regarding all our fun and secret deals! … Read More

The Secret Deal

The Secret Deal at Highpoint Beer Company Have you seen us post about our secret deal on social media? Good, because we do it every week. We’re always giving away free swag. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all the top-secret deals we have to offer. How it works On a weekly basis, we … Read More