Drunk As A Monk

Beer Flavored Beer. Hand Crafted!

Drunk As A Monk Craft Ale Highpoint Brewing Co.

Drunk As A Monk

Highpoint Brewing co. makes a delicious Craft Ale brew. “Drunk As A Monk” is a tasty but mature red Ale. This unique and refined beer is our “Beer Candy” (Belgian Strong Ale) that we aged in a red wine barrel for one year; special THANKS to Barrel 33 in Big bear for lending us a red wine barrel! There are hints of sweet caramel with Red Wine notes playing with your tongue as you sip on greatness. This combination creates a mature flavor that only Highpoint can deliver. Brewed by hand and quality controlled by the public.

Drunk As A Monk Ale - Highpoint Brewing Co. Beer Menu 3-4-2021 - Beers change regularly, call for today's selection.
Craft Beer Changes Regularly. Call for today’s selection.

Highpoint Brewing Co. makes a wide variety of craft beers at our microbrewery. We brew “beer-flavored-beer” locally in San Dimas, California. We craft refreshing beers for any occasion, from light and crisp with our “River Water” to rich and creamy with our “Mud Springs Milk Stout.” Be sure to check THE CONVERSATION on our website.

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