The Upside-Down Label


Highpoint Brewing Company’s Upside-Down Label

If you’re every parting with your friends and you come across a Highpoint Brewing Co. upside-down label, you’re in luck! It is no mistake, you just found your way to a 32oz Crowler for $.01 – a penny! Follow us on social media to stay in the know regarding all our fun and secret deals! Like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s how it works, Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny!

  1. Once you find the can with the secret label, save it and bring it back to the brew shop next time you visit. For directions to the microbrewery – CLICK HERE
  2. Present the can with the twisted label to the tap tender.
  3. Once you show the winning can, you will receive a Crowler for $.01 (a penny) when you purchase any other Crowler at full price. Buy 1 get one for a penny!


Highpoint Brew Co Beers and Merchandise - Upside-Down Label
Highpoint Brew Co Beers and Merchandise

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