Winner – Tommy Lasorda Painting

Mike from the San Dimas Clip Joint is the winner of our raffle!


Mike, one of the top barbers at San Simas’s Clip Joint, just won the Tommy Lasorda painting by @art_by_gus63.

Modern Art: Tommy Lasorda Painting Raffle!

Highpoint Brewing Co. held a raffle! @art_by_gus63 donated a Modern Art Tommy Lasorda painting. The painting is a colorful rendition of Tommy Lasorda’s headshot.

The Painting To Win

Tommy Lasorda Raffle Painting

How To Play

RAFFLE TIMELINE: Thursday – Sunday (Feb. 11, 2021 – Feb. 14, 2021). The raffle begins when the doors open for business Thursday afternoon. A winning ticket will be drawn out of a highpoint hat via Instagram LIVE on Monday (Feb. 15, 2021) at 2pm. Be sure to watch!

RAFFLE RULES: Every time you make a transaction with Highpoint Brew Co. you’ll receive a Raffle Ticket (one per transaction).

About The Artist

Vasquez Studio is a Modern Art studio. Gustavo Vasquez is an Artist, Painter, Fineart painter plus more. This unique style is one of a kind and on display in our Tap Room in San Dimas. For information about commissioning your own painting by Gustavo Vasquez call 626-923-4640. Follow his social media profiles – Facebook & Instagram

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